[TRANS] #인피니트F – FM Yokohama Regular Corner 84.7 K-POP! Now – Infinite Challenge

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Q: Tell us something about your 2014.
Sungjong: It’s a really happy year for me because we debuted as Infinite F. I think it would be nice if we get to release more albums and more projects as Infinite F. Continue reading

[PICS] 150215 #인피니트H – Yongsan Fansign Event 50P

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[PICS] 150214 #인피니트H – Jongro Fansign Event 30P

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[PICS] 150213 #인피니트H – KBS2 Music Bank Recording 18P

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[PICS] 150212 #인피니트H – Mnet M! Countdown 35P

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[PICS] 150209 #인피니트 Sunggyu – KBS Love Detective Sherlock K. Press Conference 11P

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[PICS] 150209 #인피니트H – KBS Kiss The Radio (Sukira) 47P

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