[DONATION] REALITY EFFECT: Rice Wreath project for INFINITE 2nd World Tour

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As we know INFINTE is going to hold their second world tour starting this August. Therefore to support the boys and help others who are in need, INFINTE7SOUL is holding a donation event for rice wreath project.

Name of project: REALITY EFFECT: Rice Wreath project for INFINITE 2nd World Tour

When: now – 31st July 2015 10:00 PM KST

Amount of donation: min. IDR 50,000 / USD 5

Target to Achieve: 20kg of rice (worth +/- IDR 1,800,000 or KRW 150,000)

Where to transfer: BCA 5270894196 a/n HILMAN or FERRY RITAWATI 1210005716828 a/n FERRY RITAWATI

After transfer please send your email confirmations to thesisismycurrenrlife[at]gmail.com with subject “REALITY EFFECT DONATION”,

with details of your Name, Address, Twitter Uname and amount of donation. Don’t forget to attach proof of payment too.

This project is also opens Worldwide and please send email to thesisismycurrenrlife[at]gmail.com if you want to be Group Manager for your country. State your name, Twitter name, and country in your email. We will give more informations for the project as well as the Paypal account for donation transfer.

Reality Effect project also supported by  INSPIRIT JAKARTA and INFINITE7_SHOP.

Please mention @INFINITE7SOUL or @INFINITE7_SHOP if you have any question.

A million thanks for your support to this project. ♥♥

[ENG SUB] 150628 #인피니트 Myungsoo – SBS The Time I Loved You

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Episode 02: ENG SUB

Episode 03: ENG SUB

Episode 04: ENG SUB Continue reading

[ENG SUB] #인피니트 Hoya – SBS Drama ‘Mask’

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Episode 01: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 02: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 03: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 04: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 05: RAWENG SUB

Episode 06: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 07: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 08: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 09: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 10: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 11: RAW + ENG SUB

Episode 12: RAW + ENG SUB

Continue reading

[NEWS] 150706 #인피니트 L talks about his role in SBS ‘The Time I Loved You’


K-pop group INFINITE member L on Monday revealed his view about the role he plays for the weekend drama “The Time We Were Not in Love,” in which actress Ha Ji-won performs in the lead role.
L is featured in four episodes of the series, playing a charming young intern named Gi Sung-jae, who briefly steals the female lead’s heart.
On Monday, L said through his agency, “Although for a short term, I learned much from the director, the writer and the senior (actor) Ha Ji-won. I will show you my better self as time goes on.” Continue reading

[NEWS] 150705 #인피니트 Woohyun and Hoya’s mysterious teaser image & 4th track ‘Footstep’ is released.

Boy group INFINITE’s member Woohyun and Hoya’s mysterious teaser image and name of the 4th track along with its description are released.

On July 5, INFINITE published new album image and description of the 4th track along with new teaser image which contains newly changed member’s image on their official website.

The 4th track on the album is ‘Footstep’ and according to its description, it says that once you keep following the music just like you follow the boys’ footsteps, you’ll find that you’ve organized all your complicated thoughts and now feel calm. Continue reading

[NEWS] 150705 #인피니트 World Tour Shows Intense Ticket Power, Sells Out in 10 Minutes

INFINITE’s World Tour Shows Intense Ticket Power, Sells Out in 10 Minutes

Ten minutes. It’s the amount of time it takes for INFINITE’s two-day Seoul opening to their world tour to sell out. Every single seat.

INFINITE’s second world tour concert “INFINITE EFFECT,” to be held on August 8 and 9, opened ticket sales on July 3 at 8 p.m. through Yes24. Roughly 330,000 fans flooded the site, overloading the server, and in just 10 minutes, not a single ticket was left for grabs. Continue reading

[NEWS] 150704 #인피니트 fourth teaser image is released…Dongwoo and Sungyeol

Boy group INFINITE’s 4th comeback picture and title of 3rd track along with its description for ‘Reality’ is released.

On July 4th, new album image and title of 3rd song along with its description were released at official webpage of INFINITE(www.ifnt7.com) and started their official count-down for comeback stage.

After confirming the title song on July 3, they released details about 3rd track song ‘Moonlight’ and teaser photo of member Dongwoo and Sungyeol. It created both gladness and expectations from fans and the public. Continue reading

[NEWS] 150703 #인피니트 , is coming back on July 13th…The title track is ‘Bad’

The group INFINITE is coming back on July 13th with the leading track ‘BAD’.

On July 3rd, the INFINITE’s agency Woollim Entertainment announced the boy band will come back on July 13th and going to release the new album ‘Reality’.

Its title track is ‘BAD’. Via the track INFINITE is going to present their upgraded musical skill rather than preposterous look they have been showing off. Continue reading

[NEWS] 150701 #인피니트 Infinite to Have a Comeback Soon…Surprise Teaser Photo

CR: Woollim Ent

Infinite announced their impending comeback by revealing a group teaser photo.

After previously revealing their plan of a comeback in July, Infinite finally revealed their album title ‘Reality’ and their group photo through the official website (www.ifnt7.com) on July 1st.

Continue reading


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