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ENG SUB Preview: Part.1 + Part.2

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ENG SUB Episode 01

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[NEWS] 150416 ‘Fluttering India’ #인피니트 Sunggyu, Minho, Jonghyun & Suho plan surprise birthday party for Kyuhyun!

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‘Fluttering India’ #인피니트 Sunggyu, Minho, Jonghyun & Suho plan surprise birthday party for Kyuhyun!

Sunggyu, Minho, Jonghyun and Suho proved they have hearts of gold.

KBS 2TV’s reporting entertainment program ‘Fluttering India’ will release the second episode of the quintet: Sunggyu of INFINITE, Kyuhyun of Super Junior, Minho of SHINee, Jonghyun of CNBLUE and Suho of EXO in India on April 17.

As mentioned above, the program will show the four members planning a surprise birthday party for Kyu-hyun, which they could not prepare sooner due to their busy schedule of collecting materials for news. However, the preparation process did not go smoothly as expected since they were faced with several hurdles. Viewers might as well expect for another entertaining, funny story. Continue reading

[NEWS] 150416 ‘Fluttering India’ #인피니트 Sunggyu asks for another room! What Gives?


Fluttering India’ Sung-kyu asks for another room! What Gives?

Sung-kyu of ‘Fluttering India’ took the wraps off his teammate’s secret. This time, it was Jong-hyun’s.

Sung-kyu exposed Jong-hyun’s sleeping habits. As he had mentioned Kyu-hyun’s snoring before in the teaser of ‘Fluttering India’, once again it is drawing huge attention from fans.

The previous episode showed Sung-kyu’s reunion with his teammates in India. He is said to join the team a little late after finishing his schedule in Japan. Apart from Kyu-hyun, Min-ho, Jong-hyun and Su-ho, who were all exhausted from covering and reporting. However, the next day, Sung-kyu showed up totally different from last night, looking extremely tired. Continue reading

[STARCAST] 140414 #인피니트H special promise! Music Video part

INFINITE’s not yet ended special promise.

After revealing DONGWOO’s gold medal promise “dressing up as a woman”,

Finally it’s time to reveal HOYA’s gold medal promise! The duo is revealing another MV of ‘Crazy’ Feat. Sanchez of Phantom Music Video.
INFINITE H’s present that will fill up the emptiness of their hiatus!
How did the new MV of ‘Crazy’ Feat. Sanchez of Phantom which helmed directly by DONGWOO and HOYA turned out?

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[NEWS] 150414 #인피니트H, revealed MV of ‘Crazy (Feat.Sanchez of Phantom)’ …’Kept their promise with fans’

a band INFINITE H is revealing MV of ‘Crazy (Feat.Sanchez of Phantom)’ today to keep their promise with fans.

INFINITE H made a promise with their fans that were not planned on their new album ‘Fly Again’ show case which was held on last January 26th. They made a commitment that if their new song ‘Pretty’ wins a gold medal DONGWOO will dress up as a woman, and Hoya said they will film one more music video to show fans even if he had to pay for it. Continue reading

[STARCAST] 150413 #인피니트H special promise! Opening exclusively!

INFINITE H came back who started 2015 with their bright acts.
Do you all remember? INFINITE H’s promise! We will go back in time for those of you who do not remember it. At INFINITE H’s ‘Fly Again’s releasing show case HOYA made a promise that he could no longer recall.
“Guys~~ If we rank 1st place!  I will produce a music video at all costs, even I have to spend my own money, I will make it happen and release it!!”

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[NEWS] 150409 #인피니트, released first live album today (9th)… ‘High quality’

a boy band INFINITE is revealing their first ever live album ‘One Great Step Returns Live’ on the 9th.

INFINITE who has been building up their career as being a great live performer by selling out their entire live concert tickets in every live concert that they held so far is now announcing their first ever live album ‘One Great Step Returns Live’ on the 9th via on and off line. Continue reading

[PICS] 150329 #인피니트 – Fukuoka Airport + Incheon Airport 110P

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