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인피니트H, “The one and only hip-hop unit of INFINITE,” Making their comeback with 2nd Mini Album Fly Again.

Fly Again Album Content:

1 CD

1 Types Poster

6 Random Photocard (3pc/each members)

Track List:

01. Fly Again (feat. DJ IT)

02. Pretty

03. Not going anywhere (feat. Yang Da Il)

04. Life Goes On (feat. Sujeong of Lovelyz)

05. Busy, Sorry (feat. Champagne)

06. Jekyll & Hyde (feat. Taewan)

07. You are crazy (feat. Sanchez of Phantom) Continue reading

[NEWS] 150128 INFINITE H Serve Slick, Synthy Hip-Hop on ‘Pretty’

INFINITE H Serve Slick, Synthy Hip-Hop on 'Pretty'

INFINITE’s rap-focused splinter group shows evolution in their sound & style.

In late 2013, INFINITE‘s Hoya told Billboard that he and bandmate Dongwoo had begun preparing new tracks together as INFINITE H earlier that year. The long wait is over for the rap-focused splinter duo who show evolution with their sound and style in their new single “Pretty.” Continue reading

[SCANS] #인피니트 Dis is INFINITE DVD Booklet 5P

1 Continue reading

[STARCAST] INFINITE H prepares to Fly Again by wearing ‘clothes that made them perfect’!

The jacket cover shooting scene of INFINITE H’s mini-album ‘Fly Again’!

INFINITE H that is good at rap, dance, and even singing has come back with new album ‘Fly Again’ following ‘Fly High’.

This is at a studio placed in Gangnam that would have been really perfect if letter ‘H’ was written behind!
This was the day when INFINITE’s hip-hop unit, INFINITE H shot their jacket cover!

Continue reading

[LYRICS] #인피니트H – 예뻐 (Pretty) KOR | ROM | ENG


넌 정말 예뻐 너만 보면
내 입꼬리는 헤퍼
내 삶에 helper
네 덕에 이제서야 기지개 펴
가재가 게편인 것처럼 내 편
Docu에서 Melodrama로 개편
이 세상 모든 love story를 재연해 Continue reading

[NEWS] 150124 #인피니트 releases schedule for Japan Tour as a whole with a teaser for ‘DILEMMA’

Group INFINITE released a teaser video for their 2015 Japan Tour.

Woolim Entertainment has uploaded the teaser video for INFINITE’s Japan tour ‘DILEMMA’ on its official YouTube channel.

In the video, the members in neat suits showed their bold charisma with the grand sounding of the background music.

Especially, their performances such as being trapped in a jail, glaring at the camera with anger and destroying a wall drew keen attention. Continue reading

[PICS] 150116 #인피니트 – Beijing Airport + Gimpo Airport 78P

spring flowers2 Continue reading

[PICS] 150115 #인피니트 – The 29th Golden Disk Awards 93P

merry mint Continue reading


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