[ENG SUB/FULL/RAW/OST] #인피니트 Hoya and Myungsoo – SBS My Lovely Girl Ep.01-13

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[ENG SUB/FULL/RAW/OST] #인피니트 Woohyun & Sungyeol – KBS High School: Love On Ep.01-13

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[PICS] 141025 인피니트 – 2014 MBC KMW in Beijing Press Conference 23P

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[PICS] 141025 #인피니트 – MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing 122P

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[LYRICS] 사랑이 올 때 (When Love Comes) – #인피니트 Woohyun – KOR | ROM | ENG


사랑이 올 때는 나도 몰래

사랑이 올 때는 조심스레

사랑이 올 때는 소나기처럼

이게 사랑인가 봐

사랑이 올 때는 달콤하게

사랑이 올 때는 꿈을 꾸듯

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[NEWS] 141022 L and Krystal Seems in Love Hugging Each Other?

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Still photo of L hugging Krystal from SBS’s drama <My Lovely Girl> has been released. It totally raises expectation for next episode of this drama.

11th episode of drama <My Lovely Girl>, which will be aired today, is arousing curiosity of viewers for this drama by releasing a photo of L hugging Krystal. Continue reading

[NEWS] 141022 L of Drama ‘My Lovely Girl’ to Capture Women’s Heart with Fedora Hat! ‘Here Is a Gorgeous Autumn Guy!’


Still photos of L wearing a fedora hat from SBS’s drama <My Lovely Girl> have been released. He looks like a charming autumn guy in the pictures.

Siwoo(L) had to stop his stint as solo artist due to ligament damage in the drama.

However, fortunately, he gets a chance to appear in a music show named <Song for You>. And, he practices his song with Sena(Krystal). Continue reading

[LYRICS] 141021 #인피니트 – Telemonster Time (Short ver.) KOR | ROM | ENG


째깍째깍 시간 멈추고 놀아볼까

뻔뻔 뻔뻔하게 혼자 즐겁게

몬스터 몬스터 누구도 모를 짜릿 타임

아찔(호) 아찔(호) Telemonster Time

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[NEWS] 141020 EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE, BTS, B.A.P, and More to Perform at “Music Bank in Mexico!”

EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE, BTS, B.A.P, and More to Perform at “Music Bank in Mexico!”

It has been made known that an amazing line-up of idol singers is getting ready to attend and perform at an upcoming recording for KBS’ “Music Bank,” which is taking place in Mexico!

This coming October 30, “Music Bank” will be hosting a concert at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, located in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City. Continue reading


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